Get started with the 35-hour PMI-authorized exam prep for busy technical professionals

Perhaps you're an "accidental" project manager in a B2B company looking to strengthen the execution of projects you've been thrust into or a B2G analyst or team lead aspiring to improve your career.

Whatever your motivation, managing projects and teams effectively is imperative for profitability and enables your career success. 

Caltech's new Springboard PMP® helps you build your project management knowledge foundation and prepares you for the PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam.

Ideal for busy professionals in technology-driven environments, Springboard PMP® is the choice for when relevance and practicality matters. Caltech is a Premier Authorized Training Partner for PMI so that you can be assured access to a high-quality learning experience with ready-to-apply methods and tools.

In addition, through Caltech's live instructor-based seminars, you will have an opportunity to engage in rich class discussion, grow a personal network of peers, and engage in a vibrant community for project managers and engineers alike.

Being a part of the Springboard PMP® Seminar gets you access to exclusive test-prep content from Caltech, and our PMI-experienced instructors can make you a more effective and efficient test taker. Our test strategies, tips, and tricks allay anxiety and help you apply logic and critical thinking to ascertain correct answers. We'll help you be able to identify distinctive PMI-isms you need to be able to spot and attack confidently. We will help you stay laser-focused and mission-ready. 

Upon submission, you will be emailed the current course flyer and outline. This page will be redirected to our main program page where you can view the schedule and enroll. 

Ready to conquer the PMP Exam? Get the details!

Welcome to Springboard PMP!

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Join the only PMP® exam prep seminar suited for technology and engineering professionals 

For active learners in fast-paced environments, relevance and practicality are essential. As you invest in a four-week format of what it takes to be an effective project professional, you can engage with a community of practitioners—in a live-online setting— and learn actionable techniques to comprehending the PMP® exam. In addition, you will learn how to apply the project management tenets and tools in the real world.

For over two decades, Caltech has helped build the skills and capabilities of leading organizations in aerospace, electronics, energy, and more. We work with teams engaged in projects that run the gamut—from startups to global deployments, and from California to Mars and beyond.

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Unlock More PMI-Approved Content with Caltech

We use licensed "PMI Authorized PMP® Exam Prep Course" content and materials to provide you a consistent, high-quality learning experience and comprehensive knowledge to pass the certification exam and become a successful project leader. As a Premier Authorized Training Partner, only Caltech gives you access to the PMI Choice Digital Platform

  • Interactive and annotatable student manual and course materials
  • Spotlight videos and media to enhance your learning
  • Guides, tools, and checklists for knowledge mastery and efficient test preparation
  • Personal assessment tools to identify and fix gaps in your understanding
  • Digital locker for your notes, work products, and team materials

Relevant & Rewarding

Interact and participate in live, instructor-led learning ideal for new PMs, experienced managers, and team members working in technology-driven organizations.
Grow your personal network of like-minded industry peers as you build practical, foundational knowledge.

Confidence & Readiness

Attain the confidence you need to pass PMI's rigorous exam and effectively face new challenges as a certified Project Management Professional. Be assured, PMI-authored standards and methods are used in every session.

Convenient Schedule

Be ready in only four Saturday sessions designed for busy professionals to complete the 35 hours of active learning required for the PMP exam. Use Caltech's LMS and PMI Choice platform to learn anywhere or participate in live on-campus programs Fall 2021.

Engage and interact with our PMI-authorized instructors

Caltech's industry-experienced instructors have unique insights into the PMI PMP® exam to guide you best—over 96% of review participants pass. 

Nate Crews is a PMI-approved instructor for DASSM and PMP Exam Prep in the Authorized Trainer Partner Program at Caltech. For over 35 years, he has guided teams in project management and agile transformation.  

 Feasibility assessments, cost estimation, project risk analysis, project planning and staffing, stakeholder analysis, and vendor management

Key clients:
AT&T, Citibank, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SoCal Edison, and Thomson Reuters.

CTME courses:  Agile Project Management, Advanced Project Management

Jerry Brown is a PMI-approved instructor for PMP Exam Prep in the Authorized Trainer Partner Program at Caltech. He has over 35-year of experience in financial management, risk management, project selection, scheduling, and large enterprise projects. 

Specialties: Finance and accounting, operations management, risk management, project selection, scheduling, and entrepreneurship

Key clients: Amgen, Boeing, Eli Lilly, HP, IBM, Intel, and Kimberly-Clark